Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm going to kill this blog

Hey folks. I'm not really using this space, so I'm going to get rid of it.

You can find me at:

See you on the flip!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

(INSTALL) Art Exhibition at Go West!

For the third year of Franklinton's Go West Festival Chris Sherman and Nikos Rutkowski have coordinated a show revolving around various concepts of installation art. Each participating artist has been given a room in to explore various concepts and media.

Go West is taking place Saturday, June 11 · 4:00pm - 9:00pm
Please visit 937 W Broad St. in Columbus Ohio during this one day only event.

...& by the way, it's free!

The following artists and their projects are:

Sara E. Adrian presents a painting environment exploring the veil between myth, modern primitivism, and urban decay. For more information about the artist please visit

Tyrome Stewart- an interactive installation involving video and movement.

b.b. Grimm presents a collection of mail art gathered from a global network of poets, vispo, artist, & others inclined to collaborate and exchange art through postal and email. Mail art has come from around the world such as Argentina, Japan, New Zealand, and every corner of the U.S. including Columbus, Ohio's own Visual Poet John M. Bennett
For more information about the artist please visit

Keida Mascaro is showing selected abstraction film pieces. His work mainly focuses on people's triumphs and tribulations, finding charm in the shadows of human existence.
For more information about the artist please visit

Chris Sherman- an instillation focused on the exploration of light.

Victor Nombre (aka Nikos Rutkowski)- an environment involving a sculptural dragon.
For more information about the artist please visit

The Facebook event page is

For more information about the rest of the festivities at Go West, please visit

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Go West is one week away. Starwood (where I will be vending) is a month away. I'm stoked, but there's much to do, but I'm just going day by day & doing what I can when I can. I'm ordering supplies for the Starwood festival so that when Go West is over I'll be able to put those ducks in rows. More limited editions will be ordered. I got stickers coming, and I may experiment with other things that look like fun. It's not so much that I want to see my stuff on things, but more that how I think people interact with art is more in the things we use vs going to see a show. Both are important, the thoughts and emotions evoked by a creative experience can't be underestimated but also so are the create reminders that we carry that may happen to be a compact mirror, or refrigerator magnet.

But more about that later, on with the show.

So, at Go West, in the building at 937 W Broad Street is Nikos Fyodor Rutkowski, Keida Mascaro, TJ Stewart, Chris Sherman & myself will be showing installation art & video. Mail artist b.b. Grimm is presenting a collection of work gathered from a global network of poets, vispo, artist, and other interesting folks from around the world. I know some of what the others are doing. Nikos Fyodor Rutkowski is taking a room to do a large sculptural piece (I know what it is but I ain't sayin'). Keida Mascaro will be showing some of his films, I believe he may be debuting something. TJ Stewart is doing an interactive piece, & Chris Sherman is doing something with light. If you come you may be overwhelmed with what b.b. Grimm has to show, those mail art exhibitions always have so much to look at. As for me, I'm taking over a whole room, & it will be the largest thing I have ever done to date. The space is a derelict building that is about to be renovated, so we get to do almost whatever we want. What I'm doing visually will be a combo of paint and paper, and I'm exploring a crossroad between myth and urban decay. Using the idea of Shinto spirits, that every thing and every space has a spirit or essence I'm remaking the room be... not a temple or sacred space per se, but a space where the idea can be recognized. I'm not leaning on any particular mythos I can tell you that much. I'm communicating my impression of what might be there, if such things existed (it's up to the viewer to want to believe in fairy tales).

Of course, scientifically, logically it's just a room in a building left alone for too long. A commodity to be transformed for financial gain which will hopefully help renew that part of Columbus. Just for a moment I want to divorce from linear thinking and explore untold stories and dream about what might be, and share that so that maybe other folks may dream a little more too.

So yeah, next update will probably have photos and maybe a video if I get around to that. As always we shall see what happens next!

here is Michael Hedges - All Along the Watchtower

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apocalyptic footnote

We're getting near the end of May, so here's a reminder that on my Etsy store there's a coupon code for 10% off, and that's MAYDAY. So yeah!

Ya know, I've been wondering if I should take a different direction with this blog. I -really- don't like to spam, and when I'm talking only about what I'm doing... well, just seems self indulgent (and nobody wants to hear someone talk about themselves all the time).

I'm on the fence... ah well.

By the way, stickers are coming!